Chapter 1, Page 36 – “Alex’s Plan”
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Writing by AzuriteReaction

Art by EvilApple513



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  1. ZEeduardo94

    I like the fact that Matt is strong as fuck but He’s humble, at least in EvilApple’s design, I like him more that way, calm, serious in combat, and somewise reluctant to fight Alex for such a dumb reason in his (and my) opinion, I hope to see him more in the comic, preferebly is as He is now and *SPOILERS!!!* not let the fact that Alex wins the bet affect him in any negative way, because He’s so cool .
    PS: I know why Alex really wanted to fight Matt for, but I’m saying He thinks this is dumb and is only doing it for the money by seeing only his perspective in this situation

  2. Parasight

    I like how the comic has gotten a bit slower and has more to read now :p
    Keep at it guys, hopefully Sires wont have to stop drawing like Typo had to, unfortunately :( I liked his art too :/


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