Chapter 1, Page 7 – “Alex’s Plan”
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Writing by AzuriteReaction

Art by EvilApple513



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  1. SushiUnlimited

    I really like how excited Meredith looks on this page, her new design is great!

  2. ManOfStars

    I remember you saying before the new pages came out that the way EvilApple drew the characters in that fan art/the new cover page might not be what they were gonna look like in the new pages.
    Well so far I’m glad to say they pretty much look almost exactly like they did in that drawing from what I can tell, I’d say the most different looking person is Sara but then again she’s only been in 1 page so far. I mean Meredith is even wearing the same damn shirt lol.

    …Also Meredith’s redesign is pretty sweet, I think I ever-so-slightly prefer these designs over Typo’s, which is definitely a good thing.

    • azuritereaction

      Actually, Meredith’s shirt isn’t the same :P

      • ManOfStars

        I checked the cover page… What’s different about the shirt? I wasn’t talking about in comparison to the old design, if that’s what you thought.

        • SushiUnlimited

          I think it’s the same shirt just a different colour.

          • azuritereaction

            there was two lines on the original, one line on this one; the lines are swapped too (one’s on the left side, the other one had them on the right side)
            you can see it for yourself in the old pages! :)

        • azuritereaction

          ah, i thought you were talking about the old design :P
          changes in general though between Typo/EvilApple’s designs though are body shape sizes (Alex is lankier, Quinn is more stocky, for example), Meredith also no longer has her blue hair streaks at the end of her hair, and so forth.

  3. ChilledQuartet

    Holy crap, Sires’ art really makes the beginning of the comic a lot less edgy, and more welcoming. This’ll probably make the darker portions a lot better seeing as it’s not more of the same style like before.

  4. Nebri

    Meredith’s punch was probably a bit overkill :D that looks like it actually hurt quite a bit. Particularly from the last page.

  5. Sizz

    The three character designs look fantastic, especially Quinn and Meredith since they look a lot more like teenagers/young adults than in Typo’s work (especially with Quinn; a lot of the time he came off as a fourteen year old in design than a high school graduate).

  6. Shompu

    Meredith is super cute, wow.

  7. Elitta

    Oh my fucking god. Meredith gOT BETTER. SIRES I LOVE YOU.
    (I am bouncing on my toes right now, holy shit. I didn’t think I’d get attached to Quinn and Meredith’s appearances again this quickly.)


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